ai-powered internal links

use ai to automatically create internal links on your website.
easy. free. works with all sites. no fuss.

improve your site for users and search engines

proper links provide contextual signals to search engines and help users find relevant content. doing internal linking well is a true win-win.

easy to use

place a script on your site and you’re done.

continuous updates

links on both old pages and new ones will be updated as new content is published.

100% compatibility

if we can spider your pages, we can link them. works even with your crummy old site.


basic functionality is free. paid plans are affordable.

super smart

our internal links are smart. we use advanced language processing to find connections even humans might miss. we are the best at this.

analytics too

comes with analytics so you can see how awesome your links are.

“si7 is badass”


in like 5 minutes

we are better at internal links than you. just sayin’

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