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Steve Irwin has been providing lighting design and support services to the corporate theater and entertainment industries for over 35 years.





Over two decades and with more than 500 various students fully trained from locations worldwide, you can rest assured your stage lighting educational needs is in good hands when you choose our services.
We have helped production companies of all sizes and shapes to develop world class stage lighting services that allow them to compete for the largest shows imaginable while still keeping pace with their smaller events as well.
When the fire gets hot on your show or event, you need real expertise that can not only help you resolve your issues but also help you avoid them in the future. We have that experience and the contacts to make sure any problem you have will be ended quickly with the best solution possible.
When it comes to stage lighting design, look no further. You have just connected with one of the most seasoned and experienced artists in the live events industry. We also connect you with a network of over 25,000 lighting designers and directors worldwide so you never have to look any further than our website for your design needs.


Training, consultation, design and support will complete all of your stage lighting needs. We at the Global Show Design & Training Network can fulfill any need your company or personal requirements have and we do this with the highest levels of professionalism and consideration.
35+ years of experience in the live entertainment industry and an ever growing network of over 25,000 lighting professionals located all over the world gives you the peace of mind to know your company is connected and poised to take on the largest of any productions that you choose. We will help your company succeed and win in this highly competitive global production environment. 

​Global Show Design

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in Sucsess

Having lit 5 different US presidents, countless heads of states, hundreds of stars and performers we have the creditionals to insure a flawless outcome to your event. We know how to make shows run right and how to work with crews to help get the best possible outcome in difficult situations. We have been there and can the unusual become doable and there isn't any hurdle we won't cross to make sure "the show goes on" for you!



All under one roof. What ever your needs, whether design for the largest of events, support for those events or training your technicians to handle such events, we make it happen.

With over 35 years experience doing almost every type of event imaginable, we have faced it all.

Combine with that a vast network of over 25,000 working designers and we have what you need to get the job done.
We Bring Imagination to Life

Trust us with your design needs and we will bring your ideas to life